Monday, May 15, 2017

Cynical asshole makes a bit of sense

I read an article by Curtis Yarvin aka "moldy bug" because how sensational the title is.

Noam Chomsky killed Aaron Swartz

(it's 4 years old so)


I get triggered a little in the traditional sense when I see "Aaron Swartz" especially when people are discussing who killed him. It is still mildly scarring that in another article they said his girlfriend didn't get him down when she found him. Of course she's not guilty or anything, it must've been horrifying. But thinking that there was a slim, probably 0.0001% chance that he could've been saved is...

Anyhow the real reason I stumbled upon this Curtis Yarvin aka "moldy bug" character was actually another article about Peter Thiel, something about transhumanism, then it mentioned someone called Nick Land, and Google says "moldy bug" is a similar character to Nick Land? Anyway that's how browsing goes these days.

Boy this article is very wordy. He draws some poor analogy with trees and drugs, like idealism is bad for you. Boy oh boy, but he's jerking off to the riches of his venture himself. Why can't people express ideas simply these days, you know? Why does he have to throw around Latin phrases about pitchforks?

Ayy all the cow business though. I'm actually enjoying the nice 1968 Oxford Latin dictionary these days, the first actual word is actually abactius, (of cattle) stolen; abactor, a cattle thief n abactus, a stealing of cattle. lmao


 Anyway, what moldy bug is saying is basically he hates Chomsky cause Chomsky prolly made a whole lot of money selling liberal ideas to green Youth, "underdogs" who proceed to fight for ideals against powerful "overdogs". "Overdogs" is red-lined so you know it's not even a word.

Well I remember reading Chomsky for the first time. When I read "the United States is the biggest terrorist in the world" I was like oh wow! What a spicy way to get a point across.

You shouldn't be discouraging idealists, man. Or writing someone off because they might have made a bit of money selling "blue pills". I bet if "moldy bug" is financially well off he wouldn't mind it at all.

Plus, jellybeans aside, this is not at all all Chomsky is doing. "Selling blue pills". Chomsky has merit. It's not a blog post. His books are actually well thought out and provide clarity and guidance to people. There is no misinformation. Ideal is not misinformation, nor attitude.

Don't bash idealists.

Interestingly he supposed if Aaron Swartz got Exxon files instead no persecutor would go after him. I had to pause and think for a few seconds. H'why? Because we all know big corporations are "Third Reichs" like he so describes and don't respect them? Or going after someone who expose's their shit wouldn't paint you in a favorable light in the eyes of the public? But if big corps are really powerful "Third Reichs", surely they will get to him themselves. There are real life examples.

It's sick and morbid to say Aaron Swartz dies in both scenarios. There's no changing the ending if he decides to commit suicide if someone is relentlessly coming after him. I'd like to picture an alternative where he doesn't decide to kill himself.

"Moldy bug" supposes similar thing will happen to Assange also. Why'd he stop being cynical- even though I've only known this character for five minutes? No no, Julian Assange is very different from Aaron Swartz imo. On the surface they might be doing similar things- making information public and accessible, but grouping them together is just people's compulsion to categorize- they can't give everybody an individual space in their head. Not enough space.

But anyways I don't think so.

But overall it surprises me that I didn't wince once reading it or find it retarded at all. Reading random posts is actually pretty excruciating. You have no idea how many opinions, expressed with length and conviction, are riddled with rudimentary faults. So you know, this is actually a pretty legit person.

Urbit is pretty cool.

I don't think PR is remotely their biggest issue. You have to know PR is different from marketing though.

It's late.

I gotta take out the trash!

Edit: Oh damn, I was just noticing now the first name is "Mencius", my great forefather nonetheless! lmao I was only looking at "moldbug". This is hilarious. There is no other Mencius right? OK. lol

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