Wednesday, May 10, 2017

bra size

Today, I learned that the average bra size is 36C.

I am 36C.

I didn't think I cared about it at all before... I don't, but, but, I guess I was somewhat secretly proud of myself. I thought 36C is on the bigger side...

It... calms me? eventually, knowing that I am totally average on everything besides God-Given Gifts.

I should not have any problem with it. Average on this is good. OK.

There is a little lingerie shop called Oh Baby near Trader Joe's in Portland and I got some nice choice there. Now, I'm not sure what style should I buy.

Oh it's so very... to even talk about in my diary. It's summer. My hair is longer now, and since I'm finally saving it up for a true pony tail, I can't show this mess anymore. Guess I'll have to tie it up whenever I go out. I don't ever want to curl it again, it looks ridiculous.

You know, I really enjoy dressing properly + having unkempt hair. But it is summer, and it gets hot.

Good Golly.  I think Publishers Weekly Review is great. Should always check if someone has done a review before opening a book. Saved me a lot of time the other day.

I was actually looking at pajamas. It annoys me how the women's nighties are always so sheer and not comfortable. Why do you even need sex appeal even if you are married or something. It's like, you are going to bed, who cares? I envy so many men's pajama sets. They even have better pajama sets, that's what I'm saying. Clothes don't have to be form-fitting all the time, it's so annoying.

Given the fact that domestic living is very important to me, and to enhance the peace and calm I feel at home, this is a big issue.

I am a puzzle giver. But the puzzles have been tame. I realize that it is a passion of mine, and kind of my preferred way to communicate. What's better than a game or a puzzle? It's fun, it tests the intellect, there is a sense of fairness to it.

Yes, I decided that I really like creating puzzles. Maybe riddles, too. Maybe not. Clubs would be so uninteresting without meaningful contact. What, just a relaxing space? Go home.


Good night.

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