Thursday, April 20, 2017


A day was taken from me. I'm thinking Tuesday.

Who needed it?

Last night's dream. I was having a formal discussion on the issue of "worker's compensation rate" and inflation. I went in with a lot of conviction, but I don't remember the details now. This was simple, I read an article about it earlier in the day.

Then there is the second dream, the atmospheric one. I was in this Arab state by the ocean, I was attending middle school, and it was as though I'd been born there, or at least very familiar with it. My teacher wore a gray and white Iranian turban. I distinctly remember the large yard in the school; it was so lush and green. The grass against the ocean. The school was built on a dam like isle, the end of a peninsula. It was summer. I went there and saw the school was gone, and there were long tables in the yard with long benches to match. It was as if they removed school and replaced it with those... it was like a new school setting. A summer venue. A summer version. That reminded me the school closed for the summer and only those who needed catching up needed to attend this outdoor session. There were only two students there, they weren't too happy to see me. I saw my teacher pacing around in a white robe, saying things to himself. Then I left because I didn't need to be there. I just miss the green yard against the mesmerizing blue ocean. It was all so soft and... dreamy.

That one is inexplicable.

There's a third one, I've been meaning to tell you but I forgot as the day progressed.


You'd think something accounts for a third of our life has more attention devoted to understanding it, but it seems people think only waking life counts as life. If I remember the dream, then I'm conscious in that time, aren't I?

I have some more thoughts, more things. It's far more important than my dreams... I need to consider carrying my note with me all the time, even at home. A pen and a piece of paper must be within reach at all time.

Praise God for this day. Good night.

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