Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Why do I suck at cooking

I don't get it. I tried to make fried chicken for the first time today - from scratch. It's a total disaster and took twenty minutes to clean up. Do I have to get a fryer?

Or I'll try something else. Let's make mushroom risotto tomorrow. I have everything except mushroom. I'll get it.

P.S. I think they moved the sugar rack. I have to look for it again...

I "found" the beach today. I'm like, THIS is the beach everyone is raving about? I can't believe it. It's not even as good as the one in my hometown.The sand is coarse, and, is there rubble in it? There is rubble in it. Unbelievable. Oh wow. This is THE beach. Incredible.


I remain an Ocean's Child. When I heard the waves and saw them rushing to the shore, one after another, I tried to feel the oscillation. I took in the smell. It is not Pacifics. It is the Mediterranean. There are some quirky sand sculptures over there, with candles lit in them.

I used to have problem finding the beach. It's on the part extruding into the ocean, so the dock/pier with yachts is on one side and the beach is on the other. I went to the dock three times. I get disoriented as soon as I go over there. Barceloneta is pretty removed from downtown, I don't know why W is all the way over there, like at the end.

Anyways. Very underwhelming beach quality, but a beach nonetheless. I am an Ocean's Child, I go there.

I asked myself if I could live not near the ocean. See, I was born inland, I thought it's great. But ever since I saw the ocean, things changed for me. I think that as long as I have a choice, I should live by the ocean. Cause you don't see stuff in front of you. There is no structure, no nothing. The vastness and emptiness is so calming. It's easy to say that: oh, I'm a nihilist, that's why. Maybe it's just because I'm simple. I turn around and there are streets and shops and people and dogs, stories of buildings, things weaving into each other, happenings in places, packed. But the sky is its totality, as far as I'm concerned, so is the ocean. It's doing its simple thing, but there is profound change in the making. How can you say it's not great.

Creamy mushroom risotto. I'll let you know how it goes.

Thank God for today.

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