Friday, April 21, 2017

Venir... El hombre de Barca

I always think it's cool to be a patron of a city.

The idea is appealing to me.

We're talking about St. Jordi here, of course. It is said that 4/23 is Saint Jordi's Day, the day to honor the patron of the 15th century and also the regional Valentine's day. Me, being gay, of course will not take part in it. It also coincides with St. George's Day, St. George being a patron of England. According to legend, St. George slayed dragon and saved a princess. Now this is a story I can get behind.

The city is great for an alcoholic with its assortment of bars and pubs. But I have to remember to get a corkscrew. I wanted to buy some cheap white wine to cook risotto with the other day and ended up getting good wine by mistake. Today while I was cooking I realized I have no wine opener, which is why I am not inebriated.

Anyway, that's 4/23.  Today is 4/21. I ate a bunch of white chocolate vanilla almond ice cream, tell me if that isn't the tamest flavor invented.

Other than that I've been exposed to an article about burnout, and me being impressionable allowed myself to buy it. Let's face it, I've been a disappointment these days. It has dawned on me that sooner or later I will have to hire again, and the mere thought of it is draining to me.

I also came upon an article about stock trading. I've never looked into doing it. I don't think I can do well in that area.

Is Spotify high quality streaming as good as FLAC or APE? No, it's not lossless. If you are paying for premium, it's better be for discovery.

Dear Diary, I don't want to come across as a cynic, or entitled, or misguided, but I don't like the world very much. The more I dwell on it, and the longer I dwell in it, the less there is to like. It's not a general pathos I have been arguing that I have identified in the majority. I kind of want to give up on that now. So what if one sentiment is commonly shared among others or not? I don't come in contact with them anyways.

I realize that my duty and priorities are to observe, record and create, not get involved in currents that already exist. It has been hard to do in the last couple of years. There is a restlessness in me not even the tamest ice cream can smoothen. I know I only have one chance at everything, and some things are mutually exclusive. Time is my only advantage, and I would be a fool to not use it for planning... should I decide to disobey Fate.

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