Sunday, April 9, 2017

Vayaron Fan Art + Future of Heroes

I have made some effort into creating it, but not in any way that would expose myself

Actually I will make an exception and import this for sexy Vayaron. Dungeon is the best faction in H7. The lack of Inferno makes it dull. I rest my case.

I haven't touched H7 in six months, except for Trial by Fire which I played through for the sake of the story. So maybe now my head is a bit clearer.

The future of the Might & Magic franchise looks very grim. When a strategy game stops being about strategy because its AI sucks so much, there isn't much hope for continuation. As I said at one point before, it now feels like a RPG rather than TBS- since H6. There is not much innovation in gameplay. They don't... I hope more follow Sid Meier's rule of the thirds. With more tools than ever, why wouldn't you be bold?

I feel like games, the form, is being used to showcase non-integral stuffs these days. You can have a gallery opening with the concept art, you can throw a symphony for the soundtracks (that's what the FF show is about which I'm not going), sometimes they have more merit than gameplay and therefore are kind of independent. For another example, I've been enjoying Mobius and The Farewell from Metro: Last Light these days, looping them twenty times every day, but I do not plan on ever playing the game. This is one of those very rare cases where music stands independently from intended context, it's ironic.

Procedurally generated maps, randomized open world? Okay. Next gen graphics paird with AR? Not bad at all. Low poly models that look like high poly with mocap animation and spotlight textures ready to go? Cool, cool, cool.

I just want to know- where is the game at? If it's an experience- call it an experience. But I want to actually play something. Do I have to move my Witcher 3 piece as well? I think what I said is pretty much common knowledge now.

Game should never be draining. It should be invigorating.

I wish I could play H3 forever but even that has its limit. Sure, gameplay wise it's on a different level compared to its successors... well it has no successor in that sense, I just mean MMH. I maintain that Armageddon's Blade is the best.

But it's time. I need something else. There should be something else. When they are done with Freemium MMOs or shitty inferior mobile tablet games, I hope those with a modicum of talent and intuition for play will forego their fat compensation package, filthy spoil from exploiting sad little humans who can't handle anything but repetitive. Come on.

I noticed the big chess pieces in the courtyard the other day. That's new. However I am not ready.

Anyway. A good AI programmer must be in high demand these days, like you wouldn't believe. Every company needs one, because obviously none of them have one. Point me to one game with decent AI shipped in the last three years, you can't.

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