Friday, April 7, 2017

There and back again

I have never used MySpace. I don't know what MySpace is.

The first blog I've ever owned was on 163, I think. It came with the mailbox.

Then I had Baidu. I was in first grade, I believe. Internet was after games. A few days later I heard of Google, and it's been helping me making some of the biggest life decisions ever since. I never looked back. I have never used Baidu, not even as a search engine ever since the first day I went on It's been almost 20 years.

Actually, exactly 5 years ago, I created my 3rd Blogger blog and typed the same thing. Only a few months afterward I migrated again.

I'm back only because Blogger's got some fresh new looks.  No wait, there's a lot more to it.

Dear Diary:

Are we fine with the fragments of this life being kept in different places?

I'm fond of new beginnings, but this fondness now is not the same as it was. This move isn't about a new beginning. I believe this is the prudent decision on account of a number of things.

Collectively, I have archived 360+ posts in the old blog. They average about 400 words per piece, so well over 100,000 words put together. I will import none of them.

Except the calendar. Or maybe the menu, too. But not the bulk of text. I think it's ok. It's no less of me. Time is too precious, anyway.

You may think you are a diary, but truth is, you are alive as long as I'm alive. You and I, we are both living things.

I do believe this is our last move, though. Let's enjoy our stay.

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