Monday, April 24, 2017

Marilyn vos Savant Has No Touch With Humanity

My last hit was "xkcdhatguy=xkcdhatkid=insanity!" Since I didn't port any of the old posts it's not around anymore. Maybe in cache, but anyways. It was a foolish kid with grandiose delusion and that's pretty much it. One day I was told he actually has autism, while autism doesn't explain why someone is delusional and retarded, like these are not wholly directly related, I'm not interested in "exposing" an autistic kid.

But Marilyn vos Savant is something else. Certified high IQ genius with decades-long column w/ Parade. Her problem isn't that she's a retard or delusional- the latter is a bit nuanced but I'm here to explain. To some extent, she is not wrong, but it just grinds my gears when I see someone without basic decency.

Now I know it's interesting because I already said I want to see the world burn. I just want to make it clear that I'm not on some moral high ground here. I am about just as culpable of the same thing I'm accusing her of, but because our opinions, more importantly, our natures differ, I can't stand it. It's like I like color blue and hate people who like color red. But with her, she's like uniquely insufferable, so I have to do this.

Right. So back in 2010 or something, Marilyn actually responded to one of my questions submitted with an alias. I found her answer to be ridiculous at the time; only after years of growth did I see the truth in it. It came from obvious reasoning by possessing a broad scope of life. I was impressed. I was doing that thing you shouldn't do when you are impressed: overrate someone on said basis.

The other thing you shouldn't do is writing someone off on one excusable offense. I'm still working on that as well.

The subject matter was politics, which I learned is something she wants to take on herself. When someone says they want to go in politics, that's when their opinions become wildly definitive. Now this would all be for nothing if @VirtualMvS is a parody account, but I don't think so. Here she outlined her opinions on current events and political slant. She is obviously an elitist, you can tell by watching five minutes of her interview or read a couple Q & A involving social issue or lifestyle, but the important thing Twitter also reveals is that she's a raging nationalist. I think supporting Trump does not speak to one's intelligence, but definitely speaks to the fact that one's a nationalist.

So if we could digress for a while, in this sense, there is, or should not be, any stigma attached to being a Trump supporter. Being a nationalist is a sentiment, or a collection of attitudes long predates Trump's candidacy. Trump did not introduce such slant. He may have magnified it, but that's exactly what they want. If the American people want to understand one another, the first thing they need to do is stop seeing people at other camps as anomalies. They must see each side has their own valid arguments and concerns, and defend their own on that basis.

Similarly, I understand why Marilyn is a heartless elitist bastard, and my aversion sits on that solid basis.

It would be great to see an intelligent person who has sympathy for the world for a change.

But for now, Marilyn vos Savant is someone who completely embraces the capitalist ideology. That would make her reasoning flawless if this was the dawn of capitalism or the "halcyon days", but unbeknownst to the genius the world is changing, and capitalism has reached its last stage. So her values are outdated, and like a gay-murdering conservative, her "mere opinions" are not so innocuous anymore. She is used to this "high level thinking" that is the traditional perspective of the ultimate capitalist: today, it represents the same group of people and institutions who hold both money and power. It's the "masters of the universe" mindset that trivializes everything else in the universe. Someone who subscribes to this ideology is bound to have a toxic superiority complex.

They can still be critical, methodical and analytical, but without a tight grip on humanity, a core value that is not intrinsic to capitalism, their reasoning is misguided.

See how immediately she takes United Airlines' side and does strategy for them. Psychology warfare psychology warfare!  She suggests an immeasurable, undependable solution to the problem- guilt the consumers into giving up their rights. She attempts to weaponize such vacant concept as "peer pressure", which doesn't exist among a bunch of random passengers, and proceeds to demand a subservient, (flawed) consequentialist approach to life from any consumer, a no-lesser human being. If I don't know she's a genius, I would think she's a retard. Since I know she's a genius, this has become very clear.

She just don't care.

What's the one difference that matters between United Airlines' standard procedure and Marilyn's awesome solution?  The money. Now the airline doesn't have to pay a dime to get their way. They can do whatever they want for free!!

This money the airline saves does not go to Marilyn's pockets, no. But capitalists believe that as long as they have each other's back by fucking the masses over, the money they collectively make will come back to them. It's money-laundering in broad daylight.

So you see, Marilyn vos Savant is rotten to the core.  Above is just one example, there are numerous tweets attesting to this. I still adore her, but it's disheartening to learn she's like this.

Side note: people like her can actually have a successful career in politics, if they aren't taking such a hands-off approach.

You know who I think will hit it off with Marilyn? Martin Shkreli. Though that one is pretty self explanatory and does not need a hatchet job.

The thing about geniuses is, they have no morals. Well, they rarely have morals. And their rabid, albeit few fans don't help them realize they have lost touch with the world. It's disheartening to think about, and I know, "why can't they be like Michelangelo and paint anymore?"

Well, everything is tinged with politics nowadays just like it was tinged with religion before. No matter how small your voice is, it matters. Sometimes, when common sense wins against such toxic minds, I think it's a good thing.

Praise God. May humans be more tolerant, care for and get along with one another. May lightning strike all of them dead along with all their creations on and off this earth.

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