Sunday, April 9, 2017

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GIPHY is pretty cool. It's handy.

God is very gracious to me these days, though I have my doubt. How come every time I wrap up what I'm doing around midnight, the last piece of information I come across always leads me down a rabbit hole?

I guess I was on some sort of spell the other day. Who has time to honor nostalgia when there is so much to do after Spring? I checked the event calendar and I figured, let's be realistic. I can't go to a concert or performance each week let alone every other day, so let's pick those look most interesting.

And I was right, by the way. Let everybody enjoy what they enjoy. If the idea of a rock concert doesn't even look appealing on paper, I really should not bother.

But anyways as I was getting through the calendar of this month I saw Battle of the Nations. It's going to take place in none other than this very city this year. Who would've guessed? Not me, not me at all.

I actually debated about this, not whether I should go or not but after... and I think this is right. Though I don't like to admit, this is Euro-fawning. And all my Euro-fawning stems from the Elizabethan era and previous, Renaissance in particular. But any blatant admission will counteract with my mission. I should it keep it to myself. Then it's just a fun thing I can tell you about.

Yes, yes this is right. I can go off here about as much as I want, but I have only one chance to...

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