Friday, April 28, 2017


Sant Gervasi is a pretty nice neighborhood. I love the greenery. But unless there are some secret events hosted in those red brick buildings, I can't imagine it's much fun living in such neighbohood. It's just families... people living their lives behind closed doors. I'm much suited for downtown where I can go out with friends who can identify hookers by the sole of their shoes or some faraway island with nothing but greenery.

But Sant Gervasi is nice. I said it.

I went for my teeth cleaning, then getting the tickets for tomorrow, well, the next three days. Principle is kind of getting in the way of pure cardinal pleasure, but I kind of figured that's what principles are for. Anyways, the last item on the list is to get dental floss. I went back to the store again. I came out with ice cream in 3 flavors, strawberries, this chip I'm always seeing, and whatnot, just not dental flossing. The sole purpose was to get dental floss.

So what about tomorrow, eh?

Things are losing their features. WIN10, Chrome and some other Google products, yeah, Alphabet products, are buggy now. It is strange. I hope they don't mess up Gmail. It's like you can't even have the simplest thing working. Regardless of whether I can or not, I prefer not to go about the complicated way.

That's what I wanted to tell you the other day. My finding. I find that sometimes, if it's a speculation I'd say most of the time, people don't want the truth, or facts even; they want simplicity. And only at a fraction of that sometimes, I can relate to that. So if this is a boolean thing, I can relate to that. So that's why I'm telling you.

And who says it's wrong, am I right? All good explanations are simple explanations. Truths are often very simple. Simple is great.

Sorry about the brain freeze. I think I'm going to get through all the flavors before June. Ice cream, how great. I care about cows' wellbeing.


I was browsing the marketplace last night like an asshole, and it gave me many ideas. I found it's not so true that you can "clear your head" while walking. You know how they always say "I'm going to take a walk and clear my head" in movies? It doesn't work that way. I can barely think when I'm walking, which is probably why I forgot the dental floss. But nevertheless, I took 2 hours walking and mulling the ideas over.

They are really bad ideas. At one point I clearly thought to myself: these ideas are conceived because I'm power-hungry, but these aren't bright ideas. No. They won't work. If there is one lesson I learned from last round, it's that you can't design something just because it's superior, you must follow how people like it. Humanity. Must keep in mind humanity.

I will never look down on humanity again. It is so important. Humanity is very important. As a tool, a language, a medium, a thing- that helps you accomplish things. Must understand humanity. I find it incredible that some, if not many, if not majority, if everyone but a few, if everyone but me (!!!) understand it intrinsically. How bizarre is that? I'm trying. By God I'm trying, though I know if it's all up to God, I don't have to, which is why there is no pressure.


I want to take the time to applaud Wynton Kelly. A good one in the pack. Indeed, why waste time trying to figure out new wave musicians when I can enjoy obvious talents?

Oh, Good Lord. I almost forgot to tell you about the morbid dream with the bathtub. Then I remembered the one where mother killed me.

It's not real.

Praise God and all its Glories.

Good night.

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