Monday, April 24, 2017

Coventry Black

I went to a red door pub for live music and performance w/ my grand new friend O. She is a delight.

It was definitely a hormonal dance, I can tell you that.

The argument is: it's true that Flamenco originated from Andalucia, but one cannot be dismissive and say there is no authentic Flamenco anywhere else. Andalusians travel, you know. And where there is an audience there will be performance.

Still, I believe the Flamenco I will see in the south is different from what I saw today. It was a passionate dance though, like I said, fully hormonal. They all sweated through two changes of clothes.

O had a boyfriend who's a drug dealer. Which means I'm now a second-degree contact with a drug dealer. That's exciting.

Let's think about second-degree contacts. It's pretty broad.

The jazz player is pretty talented.

Praise God for this day.

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