Tuesday, April 25, 2017

a warning

Divine intervention appears in the form of uncanny driver issue CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT sometimes.

Just as I was getting close... it's untouchable!

I really, really appreciate the use of classical music in games. It's interesting. Back then there was strictly "videogame music", then games like Heroes ventured to use opera-like tracks to accentuate the epic-ness. Then devs actually integrated real classical music. Now they're experimenting with pop songs as theme scores. It's come a long way. It's great because if it stays fuzzy enough I have a context for the whole genre. I'll recall the screen at the back of my mind and I'll be able to enjoy new music.

I said film is probably the most powerful art form there is, something along those lines. There are only a few videogames that qualify as "art", but when that's the case, they are truly a hundred times more compelling. The things you can learn and experience from them.

I'm sorry for being a raging disappointment today. Whether I deserved it or not I did catch a break.

That's it for now.

Praise God.

Good nite.

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